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16 Things About Women’s Toilets That No One Talks About


Public bathrooms can often be a nightmarish sight to see. From the smells, to the stains, to the unflushed toilets…they can often be a danger zone to walk into. Some people even avoid public bathrooms altogether specifically for these reasons.

What most people don’t talk about when it comes to public bathrooms (or just bathrooms in general), is what really goes down in women’s bathrooms. Because whether you’d like to believe it or not, women have their own bathroom secrets that no one ever really talks about. 

Here are 16 things about women’s toilets that no one talks about.

1. The one place that a female feels safe to ask for a tampon with no shame whatsoever is in a women’s public bathroom, so it’s never really a shock to hear a woman yell out loudly for a tampon while she’s conducting her business in a stall.

2. If an evil soul has “forgotten” to flush the toilet, you better believe we will warn the other women in the bathroom to avoid it…but as soon as we step outside of the bathroom, our lips are sealed.


3. When it’s girl’s night out, the bathroom is the one place where they’ll all congregate together and express their love for one another.

4. If two friends are sitting in cubicles side by side, you better believe that they will be having a deep, intense conversation as they finish their business.

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