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Things No Woman Will Admit They’ve Done


Women are often stereotypically seen as prim and proper, put together and never gross. Being a woman is no easy feat, and sometimes women are held to unrealistic expectations that can be hard to live up to.

What most men don’t realize (or refuse to realize) is that we’re all human beings, male or female. Women do weird and gross things just like men do; they just don’t like to admit it.

Whether it’s waiting a few weeks to wash our bras or refusing to shave during the long and cold winter months, there are lots of things women do that men might consider gross. In reality, they’re actually pretty normal. And although it’s normal, most women prefer not to admit the weird things they do behind closed doors.

Here are 16 things women do that they will never admit to.

1. Women pick their noses just as much as men do, they’re just better at hiding it.

2. Lots of women go days (and I mean days) without washing their hair.

3. When women are eating cookies, chips or anything that is particularly crunchy or crumbly, you better believe they end up spending longer than they’d like to admit digging crumbs out from their bras.

4. Popping zits is done from the comfort and privacy of a woman’s own home. It sounds gross, sure, but women do it all the time. And besides, who hasn’t succumbed to the temptation of pimple-popping at one point in their lives?

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