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Doctors Share Things Patients Have Said After Waking Up From Anesthesia

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If you haven’t ever experienced being put under anesthesia then you’ve at least seen videos of people under its influence. The purpose of it is to put you to sleep while the doctors perform an operation on you. The whole thing is rather serious, but patients’ reactions to the drug are pretty hilarious.

Like any drug, there are obviously side effects. The side effects of anesthesia often cause you to be loopy and unaware of what you’re saying or the way you’re behaving. On regular days, we are able to control our impulses so as to act in socially acceptable ways. On anesthesia, however, we really couldn’t care less about social acceptability.

Imagine the daily experiences of the doctors and nurses who are either performing our surgeries or are present in the OR. They have to deal with and respond to the utter randomness of their patients on anesthesia. Sometimes, the behavior can be a little violent, but often it’s just plain hilarious. Here, we have stories of people who have either experienced anesthesia themselves or witnessed the behavior of someone who was under its effects:

1. An anesthesia student during their clinical rotations had an old guy wake up and ask if he still had his junk. When the student responded in the affirmative, the patient said: “aw you guys are great!”

2. When 2 nurses couldn’t move a man into a gurney, his wife walked over and poked him in the ribs saying, “you’re snoring, rollover.” He rolled right onto the gurney.

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3. A patient under anesthesia was trashing her sister, saying that she was always the black sheep of the family and that she’s a scumbag. Sitting in the doorway was her sister who was the only one there to support her after the surgery. 

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4. After coming off of sedation, one guy grabbed a corpsman’s butt and hung on for dear life. He was told the embarrassing story by the corpsman herself.

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5. After getting 5 teeth pulled out, a patient was being shuffled to the car with the help of his mother and the nurse. The patient turned to thank the nurse, but couldn’t get his mouth to work so instead he bowed and doffed an imaginary cap.

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6. After his colonoscopy, a man was asleep in a lounge chair in recovery. He rolled over and let out a monstrous fart, then asked the nurse, “was that me?” With her jaw on the ground, she nodded. The patient went right back to sleep.

7. A patient named an invisible kitty after a nurse and was petting it. The following day, the patient remembered the kitty and asked the nurse what happened to it. 

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8. A nurse had a big hairy patient (who she’s never met before) confess his love for her and told her that he wanted to kiss her.

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9. A patient woke up from his wisdom teeth removal and begged the doctor to let him be David Bowie. When the doctor asked how that was supposed to happen, the patient answered with “it would be fantastic.”

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10. A WWII veteran woke up from a surgery and was convinced that he and his great grandson (who was in the room when he woke up) were in a Nazi prisoner of war camp. When a nurse came in he yelled at his great grandson, “kill her…NOW!” She came back with a male nurse after that.

11. After having his arm strapped down to receive an IV anesthetic for a wisdom teeth removal procedure, a patient told his dentist in his best Connery, “Goldfinger, do you expect me to talk?” 

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12. A Vietnam war veteran was in a coma and had to be restrained when he was coming out of it. As a result of the war, he hated being restrained and ended up fighting against and destroying a $30,000 dollar restraint system in less than an hour.

13. When one girl was 14 she had an eye surgery and was coming out of anesthesia. The nurse asked her if she could remember her name. Her response was, “my name… is Worcestershire sauce. No, wait… that’s not a cool name. My name… is Shark!”

14. One patient in her early twenties came out of surgery and was being pushed into a ward full of elderly people. She turned to the hospital porter and shouted, “Sorry we seem to have taken a wrong turn, we’re in the morgue.”

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15. After a wisdom teeth surgery, a patient woke up earlier than expected and felt like he was choking so he panicked and fought a group of nurses that were struggling to restrain him. The patient fought them and even delivered a punch to one of them before passing out again.

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16. A 7-year-old patient asked the doctor to put on Rugrats. When he woke up he was confused because he didn’t like Rugrats and asked the doctor why it was on, the doctor told him “you said you wanted to be angry because you don’t like being so happy all the time.”

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