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24 Things People With Big Bootys Can’t Get Away With


There is a wide range of body types, and with each type, whether it be tall, short, skinny, chubby, muscular, voluptuous, each comes with its own set of problems. A tall person may have difficulties finding t-shirts that fit their torsos but aren’t the width of a bed sheet. A muscular individual may have difficulties finding a shirt that doesn’t seem like they are showing off. And a big chested girl may not be able to wear some of the same tops as her other friends.

But a girl with a big derriere can have trouble finding the right shorts, pants, skirts and appropriate leggings.

Here are 25 things people with a big bum have to deal with.

Finding a suitable dress might be a little tough. One that fits snugly for both the top and the bottom half is rare enough as it is. And then specifically looking for a straight dress is almost impossible.

And regardless of any outfit, once you bend over for anything it becomes a scandalous event.


Or the fear of girls who want to wear a slightly shorter dress but have to tug at the hem of their dress to ensure that it doesn’t ride up.


Expecting dresses that look the same on a mannequin as it does on you. Some parts of the skirt tend to be a little more stretched out than others.


This can apply for almost any body type. But the fear of your dress being blown astray on a very windy day.


Owning a pair of jeans for more than a year since the constant stretching is bound to tear it at some point before its first birthday.


Leaning over too fast while wearing a tight pair of jeans and having the buttons pop off suddenly. Or worse: having your jeans rip from the back.


Buttons can only withstand so much force and pressure until they pop. Buttons that pop off of jeans regardless of the speed in which you put them on are a hassle.

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This one is special because it’s a two-in-one. Finding jeans that fit around your bottom but not your waist. Or vice versa, and thus creating a huge waist gap in your pants. OR shopping online and finding pants that either fit your bottom or thighs AND has no waist gap is impossible.


It is almost never the case that you can find and own a swimsuit that has the same size for both the top and the bottoms.


The fear of busting the zipper on a skirt wide open while wearing a tight fitting pencil skirt.


Wearing low waisted jeans is never an option unless public indecency is a look you’re going for.


High waisted jeans are a MUST in order to prevent the loathsome VBM or Visible Bottomcrack Moment. Anytime you have to pick something up, there is a constant fear of VBM if you are wearing anything BUT high-waisted jeans.


Finding shorts that fit. They either make it past your thighs, don’t fit your bottom, or has a giant waist gap. It’s one or the other, you can’t have all three.


Finding jeans that fit. Finding skinny jeans that fit. Finding skinny jeans that fit without the feeling of being trapped. Pick one ladies!


Sitting on a small chair and then getting stuck to the chair. You could make a game out of how fast you can get unstuck without the use of your hands.


Mastering the art of ‘the tug.’ When wearing something short and going out, there are only one of two options. Feeling great and positive about how amazing your legs look or constantly tugging at the bottom of your shorts to ensure that everything is still hidden thus aptly named ‘the tug.’

Wearing leggings out in public without first checking how see-through they actually are.


Being extremely self-conscious while walking up the stairs with someone walking behind you. The only thought running through your mind is ‘their face is in my bottom’ or ‘don’t fart, don’t fart, don’t fart.’


Making sure that the skirt you will be wearing in public is suitable in the front AND the back.


Going through a ‘sneaky unbutton’ after a big lunch in order to make it through the rest of the workday (while sitting upright.) You can avoid all that by rocking sweatpants on a regular basis!


Watch where you’re going! Being aware of your surroundings so that you don’t knock into furniture, people, children or just any other small mammal.


The chances of making it through a whole day without getting a wedgie are equivalent to winning the lottery.


And the chances of going through life without ANY comments on the size of your derriere is even slimmer than the above point.  



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