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24 Things People With Big Bootys Can’t Get Away With


There is a wide range of body types, and with each type, whether it be tall, short, skinny, chubby, muscular, voluptuous, each comes with its own set of problems. A tall person may have difficulties finding t-shirts that fit their torsos but aren’t the width of a bed sheet. A muscular individual may have difficulties finding a shirt that doesn’t seem like they are showing off. And a big chested girl may not be able to wear some of the same tops as her other friends.

But a girl with a big derriere can have trouble finding the right shorts, pants, skirts and appropriate leggings.

Here are 25 things people with a big bum have to deal with.

Finding a suitable dress might be a little tough. One that fits snugly for both the top and the bottom half is rare enough as it is. And then specifically looking for a straight dress is almost impossible.

And regardless of any outfit, once you bend over for anything it becomes a scandalous event.


Or the fear of girls who want to wear a slightly shorter dress but have to tug at the hem of their dress to ensure that it doesn’t ride up.


Expecting dresses that look the same on a mannequin as it does on you. Some parts of the skirt tend to be a little more stretched out than others.


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