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8 Annoying Things Only Servers Will Be Able To Relate To


Most people work a part time job at some point in their lives, and a popular choice is waitressing. There’s food, tips, and it’s a fun place to work at if you want to be on your feet and are a conversationalist. However, like most jobs, it definitely has its downsides.

From annoying questions to bad customer etiquette, there are definitely a few things that waitresses have to deal with that wouldn’t happen at a typical retail job.

It takes an incredible amount of patience to be able to remain calm in some of these situations. Waiters and waitresses definitely deserve all the tips that they receive.

Here are 8 things that your server secretly hates.

1. Splitting the Bill: It’s one thing when a couple or a pair asks for the bill to be split, but when a ton of people go out and order dozens of food and drinks, it’s definitely super irritating as well as confusing when everyone wants to pay separately.

2. Lack of Patience: Servers hate it when customers don’t have patience. You’re not the only customer they’re dealing with so just sit tight and don’t whistle or snap at them.

3. Pen Thieves:  Servers need their pens so that other customers can sign bills etc. if you steal one from them they’ll be forced to ask a coworker and waste time.

4. Changing Your Mind: Everyone can get a little indecisive sometimes, but when the server has already sent the order to the kitchen, it’s frustrating for everyone when you change your mind.

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