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8 Things He Does That Show He Is In Love With You


We’ve all heard the saying “women are from Venus and men are from Mars,” well there may be some truth behind that. Men and women are different in many aspects, which include the way they both show their affection.

Many women find it difficult to tell if the man they’re dating truly loves them or if he is just having some fun before he eventually vanishes.

So how can a woman tell if her man is really in love with her? Continue to read and you’ll find out!

He Enjoys Being With Your Family: This is perhaps the most dreaded part for either partner. You can never tell when the situation might get awkward or uncomfortable. Chances are the discomfort begins the moment you shake hands.

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So if the guy wants to spend time with your family and does not fidget or complain is way through each time you both are spending time with your family, he’s something to hold on to. This shows that he wants to be close to everyone around you and takes the relationship with you seriously.

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He Doesn’t Shy Away from Asking for Fashion Advice: It’s no secret, men do not like asking for advice on the clothes they wear. Actually, they don’t like asking for advice regarding anything. So if he asks you for advice, it means he trusts you and wants to look his best for you.

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A friendly hint: try not to make him feel uncomfortable by dressing him in some adventurous styles. Keep it simple and the way you like him the most.

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