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16 Things You Can’t Get Away With When You Have A Large Chest

As women, sometimes we have to deal with things that some men just wouldn’t understand. We all have different chest sizes that range and very in shape and size, and while men may not understand the trials and tribulations of being a woman, we sure do…and it’s not easy!

Women with larger chest sizes understand the pain and sometimes even sorrow of having their bust get in the way of sometimes even the smallest of tasks. Yes, they may be a blessing, but they can also sometimes be a nightmare to do with.

Let’s face it, sometimes the size of our chest can get in the way of even the simplest things, and it’s super annoying. Here are 16 things you can’t get away with when you have a larger chest size.

1. If you have a rather large chest, you know the feeling of not being able to go braless. Cute halter top? Strapless dress? Strapless bra? You might as well kiss those goodbye! Going braless when you’re naturally bigger is pretty much a death sentence…and you usually live to regret it.

2. Don’t even bother buying a button-down top unless you want to be checking for wardrobe malfunctions every two minutes.

3. And don’t even try to consider fitting into a bralette, unless you’re willing to risk public humiliation and a public indecency charge.

4. The feeling you get when you go out for a day of shopping and come back with nothing because your chest wouldn’t fit nicely into anything.

5. Eating cookies or any other yummy snack in bed always winds up turning into a chore once you’re done eating because you somehow always manage to get crumbs lost in your cleavage.

6. You always have an inner battle with yourself on whether or not you want to wear something that will show off your chest, because wearing something even remotely tight will distract everyone around you.

7. Your small-chested friends get to wear things you can only dream of wearing. Anything they put on will look completely different on you.

8. “Built-in bra, I totally need that!” Said no large-chested girl, ever.

9. Going sleeveless is always an issue too, and you probably find yourself coming up with the most ridiculous methods to hide your bra.

10. The cutest, tiniest of dresses will never ever fit your size, yet the larger dresses are too big for you. You just can never win.

11. Wearing a padded bra is not only pointless, but will only increase the stares and distracted people you encounter throughout the day.

12. Getting into a workout top is a workout in itself,  and actually getting the workout done is a job too. Let’s not even get started on jogging…

13. Looking for a cute, colored, lacy bra? Might as well give up on that, because those are next to impossible to find when searching for bras that fit a larger chest size.

14. Want to wear that chic, adorable and fabulous bathing suit all your friends are wearing? That’s out of the question, unless you want to look like you’re at a Playboy shoot and not at the beach.

15. If you have any kind of remote back pain, people will automatically assume it’s because of your large chest size, so you avoid the topic all together.

16. Hugging someone shorter than you usually results in an awkward encounter, so you avoid doing it.



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