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28 Things You Didn’t Know About Everyday Objects

Have you ever been in a desperate situation and wished that there was a simple solution to your problem? Well, lots of everyday household items actually have some tricks to them that you can use to help you out in your everyday life. Some of these items include:

  • Pen caps,
  • Aspirin,
  • Popcorn bags.

If you find yourself having trouble with lots of the small things in life, check out this list and you may just find life a little bit easier.

Here are 28 things you didn’t know about everyday objects.

1. Did you know that Tic Tac lids have a little crater in them that allows your Tic Tac to fall perfectly into place when you dispense one?

2. The dimple that is located at the bottom of a wine bottle is called a punt. In the past, flat bottomed bottles would cause wine bottles to tip over. The punt was created to solve this problem.

3. The brackets on top of the nozzles in gas stations are put there as a safety precaution in case people accidentally drive away with the nozzle still in the gas tank. The brackets snap off if someone drives away without removing the nozzle.

4. Did you know that the plastic lids that come with most fast food drinks can also be used as coasters? Now you know!

5. The holes in the handles of pots can be used to hold your spoon as you’re cooking a meal.

6. Have you ever noticed that the letters “F” and “J” on the keyboard of your PC or laptop have a little line on them? The reason for this is that they can be used as a guide for people to easily position their hands.

7. Are you a notorious pen chewer? Well, this might interest you. Contrary to popular belief, the holes in the tops of lids on pens aren’t there to dry out pens quicker. They are actually there to provide you with air in the unlikely event that you choke on a pen cap. Believe it or not, 10,000 people choke on pens every year, and the hole is there to help you get air if you choke on the cap.

8. The hole in the caps of rings is actually designed so that you can fit your straw in and drink comfortably. This prevents the straw from bobbing or moving around.

9. Plane windows have “bleed holes” in them, which are used to equalize pressure between the cabin and the gap of air which is in between the windowpanes.

10. The plastic ring around a bottle of pop is used to keep the pop from going flat.

11. Use the slit that’s at the top of your popcorn bag to dump out those annoying kernels after you’ve microwaved your popcorn. This way, you won’t have to worry about chewing on any kernels while you enjoy your popcorn.

12. Did you know that if you crush up aspirin and put it into a gallon of water and water your plants with it, it will actually boost your plant’s immune system?

13. Another thing you can do with aspirin is crush it up and mix it with water. This will create a paste that can help relieve sunburns!

14. If you’re an avid chip-eater or Doritos lover and get annoyed with having to reach into the bag every time you want a handful of crunchy goodness, just invert the bottom of the bag and roll the edges down to create a mini-bowl!

15. If you often get confused with road signs, here’s a helpful tip: the side of the road that the exit sign is on is the side that you should be exiting.

16. If you’ve ever cut up some onion or garlic, you know that they leave quite a stench on your hands once you’re done. To fix this problem quickly, just rub some salt on your hands. But be careful! Salt has an exfoliating effect on your skin, so don’t overdo it. Make sure you use a moisturizer or creamy hand lotion after you rub salt on them. 

17. Another thing you may not have known about salt is that you can use it to eliminate nasty odors from your shoes!

18. The bumps in your tires determine the age of your tires. They also determine how safe the tires are.

19. Did you know that if you unfold your Chinese takeout box, it turns into its own bowl? Try it out!

20. The loose end located at the end of a measuring tape is used to latch on to the edges of things you may be measuring. The reason they are so loose is to give you some wiggle room to get the most accurate measurement as possible.

21. Some bottle caps have little spikes on them. The spike is put there so that you can easily penetrate the foil or plastic that typically covers the opening of a bottle.

22. Cedar coat hangers have natural oils inside them which prevent insects such as moths.

23. The blue bristles on your toothbrush aren’t just there for decoration. They’re actually there to tell you when it’s time to change your toothbrush. When the bristles begin to fade, it’s time to change your toothbrush.

24. The extra holes in your shoes are there to help prevent blisters. They help create a better fit and provide extra friction to help your feet feel more snug in your shoes.

25. Padlocks have a tiny hole at the bottom. These holes are there in case the lock becomes submerged in water. The hole allows the padlock to drain itself. The hole can also be used to oil the lock.

26. The tiny pocket that is inside the regular pocket of your jeans was originally put there to hold pocket watches.

27. If you turn your phone on airplane mode while it’s charging, it charges the phone much faster.

28. You know the the little arrow beneath the gas symbol on your gas gauge? It’s to let you know which side of your car the fuel tank is on. Check it out the next time you’re in your car.


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