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16 Things You Have Probably Heard Of But Never Seen


Our world is a wonderful, horrible, fascinating and most of us (unless you’re a photographer for National Geographic or something) will only get to experience a tiny fraction of it. Whether it’s new stars being born or what’s happening at the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, there’s a lot we can only get an idea of secondhand.

There’s so much that human beings don’t know about our universe yet, and even the things we think we know are often a lot weirder than they seem. If you’ve ever tried explaining how the Internet actually works to someone else, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

From elephant tails to robots, from children’s teeth to famous prisons, the strange often lurks right under the surface of the familiar. Read on to (re)discover 16 things you’ve heard of, but have probably never seen before!

1. DNA: In our textbooks, DNA is all packed up into a neat little spiral. But if you extract the DNA from a plant or animal tissue, it bunches up into a stringy mass, like the wool in your craft drawer. That’s because the DNA has to be tightly packed together to fit inside the cell!

2. Alcatraz: The impossible-to-escape prison has been immortalized in history and pop culture, but its actual appearance is pretty surprising. From far away, it looks more like a cozy resort than a high-tech prison. Just maybe not a resort I’d want to stay at.

3. Children’s Adult Teeth: We’ve all seen adult teeth poking through the gums after a lost tooth, but not many of us have seen exactly what they look like before they descend. Personally, I wish that I hadn’t, because every time I look at a little kid I’ll be confronted by the fact that the inside of their head looks like a Guillermo Del Toro film.

4. Newborn Kangaroos: We all know that baby kangaroos spend the first few months of their lives cozily nestled in their mothers’ pouches. But not all of us have seen why they need to do that. Baby kangaroos are born so helpless that they couldn’t possibly do anything else. Honestly, they’re pretty ugly-cute!

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