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8 Things You Should Never Do At A Fast Food Drive-Thru


Fast food restaurants have been the birth and cause of many late night binges, drunken excursions, and an obesity epidemic. But relating the cause of obesity to fast food chains is like saying the suspect didn’t commit the crime, the gun did! Although it is inherent and blatantly obvious that most fast food chains don’t have the most nutritious foods, it is our fault for constantly and regularly stuffing our faces with hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes.

But there are several rules that we need to abide by when we inevitably crack on our diets.

Here are 8 rules to follow when you visit a drive through.

These are rules dictated by someone who actually worked in the trenches, the dangerous front line that is the cash register of a fast food drive through.


No one wants to be at the back of a 10 car lineup waiting to buy a coffee, or to buy that one danish they’ve been craving all week (okay, more like 10 danishes…)

Healthy food

Healthy food

So in order to speed up the process that is fast food, we need to stick to several rules. Number one: digging through your takeout bag while in line.


There is nothing more frustrating for the employee (as well as the customers behind you) than the person at the front of the line digging through their takeout bag without pulling off elsewhere.

new health advisorNew Health Advisor

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