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8 Things You Should Never Do At A Fast Food Drive-Thru


Fast food restaurants have been the birth and cause of many late night binges, drunken excursions, and an obesity epidemic. But relating the cause of obesity to fast food chains is like saying the suspect didn’t commit the crime, the gun did! Although it is inherent and blatantly obvious that most fast food chains don’t have the most nutritious foods, it is our fault for constantly and regularly stuffing our faces with hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes.

But there are several rules that we need to abide by when we inevitably crack on our diets.

Here are 8 rules to follow when you visit a drive through.

These are rules dictated by someone who actually worked in the trenches, the dangerous front line that is the cash register of a fast food drive through.


No one wants to be at the back of a 10 car lineup waiting to buy a coffee, or to buy that one danish they’ve been craving all week (okay, more like 10 danishes…)

Healthy food

Healthy food

So in order to speed up the process that is fast food, we need to stick to several rules. Number one: digging through your takeout bag while in line.


There is nothing more frustrating for the employee (as well as the customers behind you) than the person at the front of the line digging through their takeout bag without pulling off elsewhere.

new health advisorNew Health Advisor

Yes, I get it, there are times when your order may be messed up, but do you really have to conduct a thorough search at the front of the line? It’s literally a 30-second walk from the nearest parking spot to the front door.

menns fitnessMen's Fitness

Number 2: telling the cashier that they messed up your order. As their job title suggests, the cashier merely collects the cold hard cash and punches in your order on a computer.


If your burger ends up with a pickle on it, it is not the cashier’s fault rather it is the cook in the background. So be polite (and a little charm wouldn’t hurt) and they might throw in an extra patty!

eat thisEat This Not That

Number 3: banging on the takeout window. As employees go through hundreds if not thousands of customers, few things irritate the staff more than someone banging on the window to get their attention.

eat this not thatEat This Not That

They know you’re there, they’re coming. It’s a fast food restaurant, that means there is a revolving door of people coming in and out of the establishment. Don’t treat those guys like zoo animals.


Number 4: continuing your order at the second window. The first window is for paying, the second is for pickup. One has a register, the other doesn’t.

BBC americaBBC America

Number 5: asking the employees to throw your garbage away. Company policy has dictated that fast food chains should not accept any of your garbage and/or garbage bags.

allure everydayAllure Everyday

This is done in order to avoid any bacteria or viruses that may have accumulated in your makeshift garbage bag.


Number 6: asking for a refill. Refills are only handed out to patrons who dine in the restaurant. This is done so that customers can’t keep reusing the same cup over and over again.


Number 7: talking really quietly into the speakerphone. Aside from the distance between you and the speakerphone and the wind that is blowing, the speaker and the headset aren’t actually that loud.


So speak up into the speaker box so the staff can correctly hear your order!

nautilus plusNautilus Plus

Number 8: just as important to speaking up is listening attentively. Don’t ask for more straws after the staff has yelled ‘straws and napkins are in the bag, have a nice day!’



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