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13 Things You Should Never Do


Do you think you follow the rules for the most part? Well, you could be surprised. There are a few things that we humans should never be doing but you might not have known that they were bad. Things as innocent as:

  • Cleaning ears,
  • Squeezing spots,
  • Sitting down.

Can actually be damaging your body even if you were trying to take care of it. Other things like the way you’ve been drinking water can be improved in order to fully benefit from the hydration.

Here are 13 things that you should never do. How many of them have you accidentally been doing for your entire life?

1. Squeezing: When you see a spot come up on your face, the most common reaction is to go ahead and squeeze it to try and get rid of it. But this is actually something you should avoid doing.

Squeezing them can lead to the spot enlarging, becoming infected, and it can also leave scars behind. It’s also important to remember not to squeeze spots that appear on the nasal-labial triangle which is the area around your mouth and nose. This area is connected to brain vessels and if you squeeze the spots, pus can infect the blood, leading to health problems.

2. Cotton Swabs: For many people, cleaning out the ear using a cotton swab is apart of their daily routine. But this is actually something you shouldn’t be doing!

Using a cotton swab is more likely to push the wax deeper into your ear than remove it. This can lead to damage of the eardrum and hearing. The wax in your ears is actually there for a reason. It prevents foreign objects from entering and protects against fungal infection.

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