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13 Things You Should Never Do


Do you think you follow the rules for the most part? Well, you could be surprised. There are a few things that we humans should never be doing but you might not have known that they were bad. Things as innocent as:

  • Cleaning ears,
  • Squeezing spots,
  • Sitting down.

Can actually be damaging your body even if you were trying to take care of it. Other things like the way you’ve been drinking water can be improved in order to fully benefit from the hydration.

Here are 13 things that you should never do. How many of them have you accidentally been doing for your entire life?

1. Squeezing: When you see a spot come up on your face, the most common reaction is to go ahead and squeeze it to try and get rid of it. But this is actually something you should avoid doing.

Squeezing them can lead to the spot enlarging, becoming infected, and it can also leave scars behind. It’s also important to remember not to squeeze spots that appear on the nasal-labial triangle which is the area around your mouth and nose. This area is connected to brain vessels and if you squeeze the spots, pus can infect the blood, leading to health problems.

2. Cotton Swabs: For many people, cleaning out the ear using a cotton swab is apart of their daily routine. But this is actually something you shouldn’t be doing!

Using a cotton swab is more likely to push the wax deeper into your ear than remove it. This can lead to damage of the eardrum and hearing. The wax in your ears is actually there for a reason. It prevents foreign objects from entering and protects against fungal infection.

3. Nose: Admit it, when no one is looking, you have probably picked your nose at some point in your life. Maybe the tissues were too far away, or you didn’t have any but I think it’s safe to say that this is something you have probably done at least once.

However, picking your nose, though it may seem silly, can actually be damaging as the nose is lined with arteries. The mucous membrane can become easily damaged which can lead to bleeding. Also, bacteria can enter the blood causing illness.

4. Sitting Down: Sitting for long periods of time can be bad for your health. When you sit down, the muscles in your legs turn off and after several hours the blood in your veins stagnates. Your metabolism will slow down and you will begin to experience neck and back pain. If this lifestyle is kept up over time, you can suffer from things like weight gain, muscle atrophy, and heart and digestive problems. 

5. Drinking Water: Chances are, when you drink water you’re either on the go or standing at the fridge or water cooler. When you drink water sitting down, your organs have a better chance at retaining it for longer. If you drink standing up it can pass through your intestines quicker which doesn’t allow the body to absorb any nutrients. This can lead to colic, arthritis, gastritis, and kidney diseases.

6. Self-Respect: Don’t waste your time missing something that doesn’t want to be there in the first place. There is no point watering a dead flower so if your messages and calls are being ignored respect yourself enough to leave.

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7. Pictures of Children: You should never post photos of your children or another parent’s children on social media. Location devices can be used to track where they might be, and photos of hobbies or activities can make them easy to find. Not to mention, the photos could potentially embarrass the child in the future and once on the internet who knows where they could end up.

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8. Gym Monkey: If you’re planning on going to the gym for the first time in a long time, it’s a good idea to take it slow. Don’t go straight for the dumbbells. Start with something simple to build your muscles.

9. Exhaustion: It’s also not a good idea to work yourself to exhaustion. This will have more of a negative effect on your health. The optimal number of times to workout in a week is 3-4 times.

10. Diets: Just because you’re eating healthy or dieting, doesn’t mean that you can do that lieu of exercise. It’s the combination of good eating and activity that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

11. Sweets: Despite popular belief, when you’re dieting you don’t need to completely restrict yourself from treats. Having a dessert once a week is totally okay.

12. Night Hunger: You should never eat directly before going to bed. Try and eat four to five hours before going to bed. Eating before you turn in can interfere with sleep, weight control, and health.

13. Toilet Seat: You’ve been sitting on the toilet wrong your entire life! Most people sit upright with their feet on the ground but this is actually a very unnatural way to relieve oneself. This is because the 90 degree angle squeezes the intestines blocking the natural pathways. This can lead to constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, or bowel cancer. This can be avoided by sitting at a 35 degree angle. 


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