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16 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl If You Know What’s Good For You

Some people find women can at times be a bit complicated. Whether it be making a decision or explaining how she really feels, there is more than one stereotype when it comes to women being difficult. Although not all women fit into these categories, there are definitely some things that should never be said to any of them.

Whether it be an inappropriate comment on a first date, a question about something personal, or just something blatantly rude, there are certain things that no woman will appreciate hearing.

Some of them are more obvious than others, but if you’re feeling a little oblivious here are 16 things that you should probably never say to a woman if you know what’s good for you.

1. You probably should refrain from asking a woman about her bedroom history, especially on a first date. That is private information and really has nothing to do with you if she doesn’t want it to. Should you get to know her a little further and you get the green light, then you can have that discussion.

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2. It’s incredibly rude to ask a girl what size she is. Be it dress, pants, etc. This also goes with weight. Those are things that she can share if she chooses, and not something for you to be nosey about.

3. You should probably refrain from asking your date if they have a younger sister. Even if you mean well, this can definitely be taken the wrong way.

4. Don’t ask a girl if it’s her time of the month. Just because a girl may be in a bad mood or emotional doesn’t immediately or always relate to that.

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