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15 Things You Were Taught In School That Were Actually Lies


We were taught so many things in school. Being the young kids we were, we most likely believed most of the facts that were thrown our way. But how many of them were actually true?

I bet you didn’t expect that some of the facts that you were taught are actually false. For example, can you really see the Great Wall of China from space? And do humans really only use 10% of their brain power? We’ll be the judge of that.

Here are 15 facts you were told in school that actually aren’t true at all.

1. Human Evolution: Most people have seen the photograph of evolution. It starts with a crouching ape, to a standing man. But this actually isn’t the case. The truth is that humans and apes evolved from a common species. Although we are 99% related, we didn’t actually derive from apes themselves.

2. Isaac Newton Discovering Gravity: You know that classic story in which Isaac Newton discovers the physics of gravity after an apple fell on his head? Get this: it never happened. Although he might have told a rendered version to his friends, there is no recorded proof that this happened and Newton actually spent something like two years on his theory of universal gravity.

3. The Pilgrims Came to America for more than Freedom: The pilgrims left England as they were trying to separate from the church. The part of the story that is often left out is that they then went to Holland where the separatists had religious freedom. However, they then came to America because they feared their children were losing their English heritage.

4. Columbus Proving the Earth is round: Despite popular belief, Columbus didn’t sail around the ocean to prove that the earth was round. At the time, this was already common knowledge and it had even been written 2,000 years before that in Ancient Greece.


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