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16 Things You’ve Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life


Most people enjoy living a life of convenience. No one likes to struggle over small irritations and everyone is always looking for a quicker and easier way of doing things.

There are countless life hacks out there designed to do exactly that. Whether it be using a bowl or a cup to enhance the speakers on your cell phone, or washing your sneakers by hanging them from the washing machine door.

However, did you know that there are actually a ton of convenient uses for some of the everyday objects you encounter? Many items have built-in functions that you may not have noticed before.

Here are 16 things that you have probably been using wrong your entire life. Chances are one of these is going to change the way you do things. 

1. Bottles: Glass ketchup bottles aren’t so common anymore. But did you know that glass ketchup bottles actually have a ‘sweet spot’ that allows the ketchup to come out easier? If you tap the ‘57’ symbol instead of the bottom, the ketchup will slide out with ease.

2. Snack: Ever been at school or work and realized you forgot to bring a spoon for your yogurt or applesauce? Well, the foil wrapper can actually be shaped into a scoop.

3. Spaghetti: Has anyone else ever completely misjudged how much pasta to put in the pot when cooking noodles? Bet you didn’t know that your spaghetti scoop also functions as a measurement for one portion of noodles. Just cram in as much uncooked pasta as you can into the hole, and you’ll have the perfect amount for one person.

4. Spoons: Some pots even have a slot specifically for your sauce spoon to rest and drip over the pot to avoid spills or waste.

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