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13-Year-Old Confused When People At Party Say She ‘Looks Pregnant’, So She Takes Pregnancy Test


Being a teen is not easy. You have to deal with school, friends, family and figuring out who you are as a person. It’s honestly the hardest time in anyone’s life. Especially when you are 13-years-old. There’s so much of the world you have yet to discover.

One of the most difficult things is learning good social keys. Kids are one of the toughest audiences and they notice things about us that we might not notice about ourselves. The hardest thing is to try and hide something that’s so outwardly obvious. Like being pregnant.

Kennedy Griest knows first hand what that’s like. She’s a normal high school student in Michigan who had a photo of herself in a bathing suit posted online. Once it was posted, several of Kennedy’s friends noticed that she looked a little…pregnant.

This even came as a surprise for Griest, who denied the rumors and said that she and her boyfriend have been using protection. But as more and more rumors started spreading around school, she started to reflect.

Once she reflected, Kennedy realized that she had missed a few key signs. The reason she missed them was that she believed that it was just the normal ups and downs of puberty…because you know, she was only 13 at the time.

But to put her mind at ease, she decided to take a pregnancy test. As expected, the test came back as positive and Griest was in fact pregnant.


Naturally, once she confirmed the news and told her friends about it the gossip got even worse. At school, she got dirty looks as well. But Griest decided to keep the baby and successfully gave birth to a healthy little girl, Adalyn in October 2014.


According to reports, Kennedy knew the situation is a difficult one but she also noted that giving birth to her baby girl was the most incredible moment of her life. She notes that it changed her life for the better.

According to Parenting Isn’t Easy, Kennedy noted “I don’t know how to word it but I didn’t know who I was, so I guess being a mother is who I am. And that’s all I know and that’s all I want, is to be the best mother possible”.

This girl is strong and brave for owning up to her decision. Despite what others had to say about her, Griest was brave enough to stand up to the pressure and making her own decisions. Teenage pregnancy usually comes with a lot of stigmas, but Griest is pretty brave for following her heart.

Griest told news sources, “Although Adalyn is a little sassy, she’s perfect, and I wouldn’t want to change anything about my life.” Now 16-years-old, Griest has a lot of challenges to face in her future with growing up, but her strength and positivity are sure to get her through anything that comes her way.


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