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Family Takes The Same Photo For 22 Years, Documenting Their Remarkable Transformations


Zed Nelson Photography based in London started a unique project in 1991. From 1991-2913, Nelson photographed the same family on the same day every year. What else was the same?

  • Same backdrop
  • Same pose

The yearly photographs of this amazing family are incredible! You can easily identify the members of the family even as they appear different physically because of where they’re standing.

The father stands on the left, the mother on the right, and their child in the middle. While the child is the one that exhibits the most changes (from infant to adult), the parents’ physical appearance change as well.

#1. In 1991, the father and mother hold hands while the baby seat is in between them on the floor in the middle. The parents were canvas sneakers and the baby innocently sits on a chair wearing a white one-piece.

1Zed Nelson/ Facebook

#2. In 1992, the father and mother hold their child’s hand, one each, and the child is grown enough to stand up on his feet. The toddler has more hair on his head and his parents this time wear matching black dress shoes.

2Zed Nelson/ Facebook

#3. In 1993, the father and mother once again hold their child’s hand as their son stands in the middle, but this time, their son is jumping into the air looking completely joyful. His parents are barefoot in this picture.

3Zed Nelson/ Facebook

#4. In 1994, the father and mother are holding their son’s hand while he appears to be looking over at something on the side. He looks like he’s going through a very inquisitive stage and his parents are wearing black shoes but this time not matching.

4Zed Nelson/ Facebook

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