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Everyday Guy Trained And Ate Like The Rock For 30 Days, Photos Of His Transformation

After getting into a rut with his daily routine, Mark Webster decided to challenge himself by eating and training like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson for 30 days. Admiring Johnson’s incredible discipline, Webster chose to test himself to see if he could walk in The Rock’s show


So what does it take to eat like Johnson? Consuming a solid 5,000 calories a day! Spread over seven meals, Webster found that keeping up with Johnson’s diet is no easy feat. He ended up spending a total of $1,262 on food, around $42 a day, with $18 of it being purely cod.

Keeping up with this intimidating diet, Webster spent about an hour and a half every two or three days on meal prep. Webster stated, ‘The biggest thing with the eating is the interruption of your day. Every few hours, you have to stop and eat again.’

For the training aspect, Webster followed The Rock’s hour of cardio and ninety minutes of weight training for six days a week. Webster documented his progress and after the month found his weight had barely moved, however, he gained a solid amount of muscle mass. Mark estimates that his strength has gone up a good 10 to 15 percent.


Johnson regularly documents his fitness regimen on social media, posting images of himself breaking a sweat in the gym as early as four in the morning. His rock-solid physique can next be seen on display on the big screen in the movie Baywatch, and it’s hard to deny that the hard work has paid off.


Webster talked about how this experiment affected him, stating, ‘I’m 37, I got little aches and pains all the time but I have none of those anymore. I feel better than I did before I was doing this. My resting heart rate has dropped like four beats per minute over the past month. I feel fantastic.’

The challenge got the attention of Dwayne Johnson himself, who decided to share his thoughts on Twitter, at first doubtful but then impressed by Webster’s discipline. The challenge gave Webster even more respect for Johnson, with Webster mentioning, ‘The fact that he looks like this and trains like this every day of this life while making his movies, being on set 14 hours? That kind of discipline to me is absolutely amazing.’


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