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Photos Of Swollen Dogs Who Tried To Eat Bees

Dogs are regularly regarded as a man’s best friend and as such we treat them like family members. That may be why we try to feed them the best food, get them the best blankets and shower them with the best gifts. However, there is one specific type of insect that all dogs should stay away from regardless of their breed.

And those insects are bees.

Dogs have a tendency to eat and chew on a wide variety of things and these upcoming series of pictures will show all pet owners alike why they should make sure their dog never ingests a bee.

Pet owners decided to share pictures of their dogs after their beloved canines tried to eat some bees. Often, the pups leave with heavily inflamed snouts and mouths.

Bee stings are just as painful for dogs as they are for humans. But things are much worse for a dog when they get stung several times or when the bees sting them inside the mouth or throat.

When the dogs’ faces get so heavily inflamed it is almost certain that they require a trip to the vet.

Their bloated and enlarged faces can cause anaphylactic shock due to exposure to insect venom and in some cases that can be fatal.

According to Dr. Paul Richieri, owner of the Melrose Veterinary Hospital in California, ‘if it is swollen and a little puffy, it is a localized reaction to the sting,’ he advises pet owners to remove the stinger as quickly as possible in order to stop the venom from spreading.

Some symptoms that people should look for aside from the obvious swollen face are itchiness, redness at the place of the sting wound, and difficulty breathing.

Dogs can be allergic to a bee sting just like a human can so look out for signs of anaphylactic shock and if your dog has been bitten multiple times then immediately take it to the vet.

Dogs will always try to bite at bees and other flying insects (whether they are puppies or adult dogs) so try to stay away from areas where there are a lot of bees and in the event that your dog does get stung, just try to remove the stinger and be vigilant of its symptoms.


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