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People All Over The Internet Are Losing It Over This Photo Of Someone’s Legs

A new optical illusion is freaking everyone out after Instagram user Hunter Culverhouse posted this photo of their legs on their Instagram account. At first glance, it appears to be a pair of really shiny legs, but others are seeing something else. 

 The comments section is filled with a mix of amazement and confusion. Users are tagging their friends and freaking out after realizing what the photo actually contains. And nope, they’re not just a pair of extremely shiny legs.



The photo has been shared on Twitter and some people have no idea what they’re looking at. It just looks like shiny legs right? Why are people freaking out over this? But once they realize what’s going on, their minds are completely blown. If you still haven’t seen it by now then get ready to be spoiled. Those aren’t shiny legs. The lines are actually white paint. Can you see it?

Once you realize that the lines are actually paint, it’s pretty much impossible to unsee it. Some people were amazed by the artist’s incredible painting skills while others were mad at the fact that they were unable to see the photo as shiny legs again. Once you know it’s white paint, it’s hard to see the shine.


According to Culverhouse, the whole thing was just one big accident. ‘I was finishing off some art homework and had some white paint left on my brush and just decided to draw random lines, I had no intentions of making it look shiny,’ he revealed in an interview with Buzzfeed News.  

 Some people say that they were able to see the shine again when the photo was smaller. In the paper ‘Understanding human perception by human-made illusions,’ Psychologist Claus-Christian Carbon explains why these optical illusions are so fascinating to people.



‘We can … interpret illusory perceptions as a sign of our incredible, highly complex and efficient capabilities of transforming sensory inputs into understanding and interpreting the current situation in a very fast way in order to generate adequate and goal-leading actions in good time. … By taking into account how perfectly we act in most everyday situations, we can experience the high ‘intelligence’ of the perceptual system quite easily and intuitively,’ he writes.



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