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Maryland Police Say Children Were Beaten And Forced To Eat Dog Feces For Months

Maryland placed two women under arrest for abusing three children aged 8, 9, and 10. The three abused children were routinely locked in closets, beaten, and assaulted with an electronic control device. The children were fed nothing but bread, water, and oatmeal. They were also forced to occasionally eat dog feces.

Amanda R. Wright and her girlfriend Besline Joseph were both arrested  and charged with multiple counts of child abuse. The women are also facing two assault charges, as well as charges of stalking, false imprisonment, causing ingestion of a bodily fluid, and use of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure.

The two women abused the children regularly. The severe beatings left them with cuts, bruises, and bloody noses. Maryland State Police Spokesperson Greg Shipley told a CNN affiliate: “These three victims were abused with a variety of implements: Electrical cords, the suspects’ hands, with beatings from belts, sticks other objects.”

The three abused children detailed more of their experiences during the investigation. They told police of a number of incidents. The oldest child would be shocked with a Taser for a number of reasons, including trying to eat food that the women did not want him to have. He was also forced to eat dog feces from the backyard.

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