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Thrifty Bride Spends Just $1,300 On Wedding


Many girls dream of a beautiful and extravagant wedding and when the day finally comes, it can be a bit alarming as to how much it actually costs. One innovative bride from Glasgow managed to pull off a gorgeous ceremony spending just $1,300!

The average wedding will clean a person out of about $35,000, but Emilyrose Fitzpatrick, 29, managed to cut the costs down by an incredible amount!

She tied the knot romantically with her now husband Rory followed by a fun reception with 100 friends and family members.

Keep on reading to find out how they did it!

Remarkably, the couple managed to keep their expenses this low but still managed to have a beautiful location, outfit, and photographer

They held the reception at a local pub which is probably what helped keep the budget down.

They spent £30 on a wedding cake and their wedding rings only cost £70. As long as a couple is happily in love, the cost of the wedding shouldn’t matter as much.

Although the couple did have a reason for going down the thrifty route: ‘We had less than four months to plan everything on a very limited budget.’ she said. ‘I had just graduated from art school and was unemployed.’  

Holding the wedding at their local registry office was the cheapest option, so they decided to go with it. They also managed to get a great deal on a function room thanks to her husband Rory working in hospitality.

Emily picked out her dress just 30 minutes before her wedding. ‘I had four dresses to choose from on the day and made up my mind in the last thirty minutes,’ she explained. ‘I ended up so chuffed with my dress from ASOS.’

The day before the wedding she foraged for flowers to create beautiful bouquets free of charge. Other innovative choices she made were getting friends to do her hair and makeup.

‘If you are creative and money savvy you can have everything you want.’ she said. ‘It goes by so quickly you can barely remember most of it and now we have more money to spend on an amazing holiday which we will remember!’


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