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T.I. Saw This Picture Of His Daughter On Instagram And Flew Into Dad Mode

This is T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris.

Born from a previous relationship with R&B singer Ms. Niko, T.I.’s 16-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris has built quite the Instagram following with over 400,000 followers. And, like she claims in her Instagram caption, apparently she’s “too much” for her famous rapper dad as well. Back in June, T.I. threw his little girl a huge 16th birthday bash (apparently dropping 50k for the event) and made an adorable speech letting everyone know she’s “the apple of his eye” and the “sweetness in his life.” Well, it looks like the rapper has been keeping a close “eye” on that apple when his daughter posted a picture to Instagram he didn’t exactly approve of.

T.I. flew straight into dad mode when Harris recently posted this picture to her Instagram account, where she’s posing in a black spaghetti-strap dress and pink furry jacket. One picture might have slid by her protective father, but after posting 3 similar pictures in the same outfit it looks like the side shoulder was a little too much for her rapper dad to handle. The rapper reacted to the IG post with a few choice words for his maturing teenage daughter…

Many people took to Instagram to comment on the young model’s picture. The comments section seemed full of compliments until Instagram users noticed one comment that stood out from the rest…

ti commentInstagram/ princess_of_da_south

When people realized “troubleman31” was actually Deyjah’s rapper dad, people were LOLing at T.I.’s typical dad reaction. Some backed up T.I.’s concerns, while other IG users told the rapper to relax and give his daughter some space. Although it seems like the rapper was half kidding with his “mom voice” joke, I wouldn’t be surprised if T.I. was sending a message to let the “apple of his eye” know dad is always watching… and everyone else on her Instagram.

Nothing like some dad humor to get you through the day.

end quoteGiphy

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