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16 Times Drunk People Were Simply The Best


A glass of wine on a regular basis has been shown to actually be beneficial to one’s health. Some of the most renowned benefits of red wine include increasing heart health, improving cholesterol, helping control or manage diabetes, and it also fights against obesity or weight gain.

However, it should be common knowledge that excessive consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to one’s health and psyche at the time and in the future.

But, drunk texts to others (or to yourself) can be hilarious at times. So here are 16 hilarious drunk messages.

Did this person just have an open candy bar by their bedside table? How do they mistake a candy bar for a cell phone? Would the phone charger even still work after that?

You would think that this person displayed perfect foresight to reduce the hangover in the morning but it was just an attempt to prank himself.

When your Photoshop skills are lacking but you still want to persuade your parents that you are the perfect, angelic child.

I can’t blame this person. The staff hired at airlines has to be tall and beautiful, so whether they fancy a male or a female, this late night drunk text may have resulted in an unexpected date!

An indicative sign that someone is inebriated is when the text message is filled with tons of spelling errors. The direct response from the designated driver only goes to show what a good friend this guy is.

This is such a drastic contrast from the person who pranked himself with the vodka. But the abundance of spelling errors in this drunk girl’s message to herself is still appalling.

Is it just me or do people really like to write letters to themselves when they are drunk?

People nowadays tend to suffer from dehydration since many just simply don’t drink enough water. This is a pretty good way to keep yourself on track but Debbie doesn’t seem to be too supportive.

I love how this person doesn’t even get fazed. He or she simply remarks that it’s an oyster and continues on with their point. This is integral in dealing with drunk people. Avoid what they have to say and get to YOUR point.

When you’re lonely and just want to cuddle…

This is ingenious and creative. I mean, his status does stipulate that one like would garner him a night of drinking. He just happened to find a loophole in his own rule.

How does that even happen? Is it even possible to text yourself? At least this drunk person actually got home safe.

Even though lining up the potatoes by size is hilarious, it is the woman’s face at the end of the counter that really made me laugh. She looks like she is more than proud of her work with that beaming smile and that almost empty glass of wine.

This is quite an aggressive message to mom. I mean, that’s not even how you spell ‘spicy.’

Simply brilliant. This is what artistry and creativity look like. Although I don’t think the prerequisites for being the POTUS are that simple.


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