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16 Times Kate Middleton Was Caught Off Guard In Public


For most little girls, being a princess is the dream job. Even as adults, we remember wearing those long pretty dresses, the shiny crown and singing along to princess movies. We’ve all done it at some point or another.

Now as adults, we find ourselves going from living vicariously through Cinderella to Kate Middleton. Even today, you probably wish you were at the Royal Wedding wearing that dress. But fairytale or not, constantly being in the spotlight can be rough.

Being part of the Royal family means having obligations to do things that you don’t always want to do. And being on your A-game every time you step outside can get tiring. Here are 16 times Kate was caught off-guard in public:

1. They may be family goals, but here’s a photo of Kate having a little talk with her daughter who might have been misbehaving.

2. Having two young kids is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to handle both in public and being followed by cameras.

3. It’s hard to keep a “picture-ready” face 24/7. Kate definitely gets tired, so she has her occasional “silly face” moments.  


4. Here’s a photo of Kate unimpressed after being told by people to wrap some gifts a little faster. We don’t blame her.

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