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16 Times Kate Middleton Was Caught Off Guard In Public


For most little girls, being a princess is the dream job. Even as adults, we remember wearing those long pretty dresses, the shiny crown and singing along to princess movies. We’ve all done it at some point or another.

Now as adults, we find ourselves going from living vicariously through Cinderella to Kate Middleton. Even today, you probably wish you were at the Royal Wedding wearing that dress. But fairytale or not, constantly being in the spotlight can be rough.

Being part of the Royal family means having obligations to do things that you don’t always want to do. And being on your A-game every time you step outside can get tiring. Here are 16 times Kate was caught off-guard in public:

1. They may be family goals, but here’s a photo of Kate having a little talk with her daughter who might have been misbehaving.

2. Having two young kids is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re trying to handle both in public and being followed by cameras.

3. It’s hard to keep a “picture-ready” face 24/7. Kate definitely gets tired, so she has her occasional “silly face” moments.  


4. Here’s a photo of Kate unimpressed after being told by people to wrap some gifts a little faster. We don’t blame her.

5. Attending events that you don’t want to be in is annoying, but we feel like Kate has to do that a lot. Here’s a picture of her at an event. It screams “I don’t want to be here”


6. Us girls know that it’s not the easiest to look “classy” when getting out of a car in heels. We totally get this picture of Kate.


  7. Being Royal can be tiring. This photo makes it pretty obvious that this woman has her fair share of exhausted days no matter how well she hides it.

8. But then there are those pictures that really show the kind of person Kate is. Just look at her beyond happy when two young kids give her hugs!

9. Clenched teeth may mean that little George wasn’t listening to his parents. This picture shows that Kate knows how to lay down the rules!

10. Constantly going to speeches gets tiring. There are a ton of photos of Kate’s eyes wandering during meetings or speeches. We wonder what she’s thinking about at this exact moment.

11. Kate is known for her “jaw-dropping” expressions. She’s either super surprised about something that someone said, or she’s angry. Regardless, she has some expressive faces.

12. Being a royal means having to participate in certain activities. Check out this photo of Kate doing some jumping. She looks pretty happy doing it!


13. Here’s another photo of Kate looking extremely exhausted. We don’t know what it is exactly, but something about this photo screams “I wish I was sleeping right now”

14. We know just how much the Royals love watching their sports and Kate is no exception. Here’s a photo of both Kate and Prince William pretty into what they’re watching.

15. We’re not 100% sure what’s going on here, but we figure if Kate were to ever have an “angry” face this might be it. Or she’s really into what the person is saying.

16. Sorry, we had to show another one of Kate participating in a sport. It’s great how involved she gets with whatever she is doing. This is obviously proof of that.

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