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12 Times Kids Were Unintentionally (Yet Hilariously) Inappropriate

kid paint funny bits

Kids are known to do the most absurd things. Some of this behavior can be hilarious to adults even while the kid themselves can’t understand what makes it all so funny. Parents always get a kick out of documenting their children’s hilarious moments.

For instance, while a child may think that floss is a string to play with, we know it’s not (but kudos to kids who think it is. It really makes flossing sound less dull than it is!) As long as there’s no harm done, we can all laugh at the youthful sense of wonder that kids have.

Thankfully, these parents have decided to take pictures of their children’s hilarious ideas and actions. This way, hopefully, one day they can also laugh along with us at what they’ve done.

1. Have you ever felt hungry as you cook or make food for someone else? He sure does. It’s quite nice that they’re eating together but we’re not so sure how good the food tastes.

eat dog food1eBaum’s World

2. Most of us pause if we are around someone who is taking a photo, but this kid really did not care to wait. We think that it adds a little something special to the picture.

3. This kid took the phrase “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” to a whole new level. Is anyone else worried?

4. The next photo can’t be comfortable. In fact, it looks downright unbearable. And cold. But kudos to her for creativity!

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