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11 Times People Left Hilariously Brutal Comments On Facebook


Facebook has long been one of the most popular social media forums for most people. It is an app that helps you stay connected with your friends while showing off the highlights of your life. 

However, those who end up posting silly pictures or horribly spelled statuses will simply get ‘roasted’ online. What’s worse is that all your other friends will see you get absolutely ‘burned’ by this stranger.

And don’t even try to delete the comment because you already know that someone screenshotted before you even thought to get rid of it.

Read more to see some horrific Facebook burns.

Whether it is a spelling error, a weight loss tactic or a wrongful shout out, here are some nasty burns that will require some Polysporin and aloe vera after.


1. People tend to like to show off their physical progress online. The question always persists: did you really lift and diet if social media doesn’t see it?


2. Sometimes it is best to keep your honest thoughts to yourself. Although honesty is a virtue, on some occasions it is probably best to keep your thoughts private.

3. This one is a savage burn! All she wanted was some congratulatory words and maybe some words of motivation but this one gentleman had to come in and just ruin the party.


4. Spelling mistakes are going to be highlighted on social media. People will be quick to point out grammatical errors, spelling faults or simply improper use of words.

5. Does a ‘burn’ become less effective when it contains a spelling error? It seems kind of ironic to call someone else out when the comment itself is flawed.

6. It’s good to be practical sometimes. And this guy is certainly correct. Magnets can either attract or repel so she better be careful!

7. This is a good breakdown of that horrific statement. Despite what you find more valuable, a dog or a diamond, it is certainly not accurate to generalize a whole gender based on preferences.

8. Waitresses are paid to offer good and prompt service, that’s a part of their job! So don’t be surprised when they act friendly or courteous.

9. I can’t believe she actually went through with all those directions. I wonder if the glass of water actually cured her need for a boyfriend.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 1.12.06 PM

10. This one is straight savage. The reply really does speak for itself and in my opinion, that comment should have gotten way more than just 3 ‘likes.’

11. So does he want to be a taxi service or not? I am so confused about this status update now. I mean he could always be an uber driver instead.



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