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Tips For People Who Really Suck At Cooking


Not everyone is going to be good at cooking. Some of us just don’t have the knack to whip up a gourmet meal. In fact, cooking eggs and making instant noodles could be a chore on its own. As shown in the image above, sometimes boiling water could be a hassle in and of itself. 

That’s why it is important to set a timer and to never leave the stove top unattended! On the other hand, for some other individuals cooking up an aesthetic and tasty meal is easy and fun. But for those of us who are less ‘culinary-inclined’ here are several kitchen tips that could save you some time and some hair (from pulling out your hair due to excessive frustration.)

Portion control, keeping a kitchen counter sparkling clean, properly sealing food…these are just some of the kitchen and cooking hacks that you’ll learn to implement into your lifestyle after you read this list.

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Get your hands on some double sided sticky tape and stick one side onto a wooden clip. Attach the wooden clip onto any cupboard or surface and you have a hook for any kitchen utensils that you might have.

Cut a tiny slit into a cork and you can transform a regular cork into a clip for your potato chips, candies or any other packages.

You can freeze olive oil along with some thyme or cilantro so that you can just pop a cube onto a pan whenever you decide to cook up some steak or eggs!

135-Minute Crafts

Instead of buying generic breading for your meats, you can put some corn flakes or cereal into a Ziploc bag and mash them up to create your own delicious breading.

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