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16 Gaffes That You Might Have Missed In ‘Titanic’

James Cameron’s fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912 was the most expensive film made at the time. It ended up being a smash hit both critically and commercially.

The hard work that went into the epic romance-disaster film paid off. It swept the awards season and ended up being the first film to reach the billion-dollar mark at the box office. However, Titanic still has a few mistakes that the editors missed and made it into the final cut.

Here are 16 gaffes from James Cameron’s Titanic that you’ll have a hard time not noticing now.

1. When trying to talk Rose from not jumping into the water, Jack’s character claims to have gone ice fishing on Lake Wissota, near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. This lake is a man-made reservoir and wasn’t created until 1917, which makes it impossible for Jack to have experienced it. The sinking of the RMS Titanic was in April 1912.

2. In the scene where Rose punches one of the crewmen, you can see the blood on his hand before it reaches his face. The blood was on the actor’s hand so he could smear it across his face to show the aftermath of Rose’s wrath.

3. When Rose breaks the glass to retrieve an ax, there’s only a shard left before she reaches in. In the next shot, the glass magically reappears as Rose pulls out the tool.

4. In a movie with a run time of over 3 hours, continuity errors are hard to avoid. In this scene where Jack is handcuffed, his suspenders disappear between shots.

5. When the ship begins to sink, sending passengers down into the water like a game of Plinko, the stunt actors were hitting foam recreations. In this shot, it’s clear that the metal capstan is wrinkled foam.

6. When Rose uses an ax to free Jack from his handcuffs, it’s clear that the ax isn’t actually hitting the metal but the back of Jack’s hand. Ouch.

7. Considering the fact that there were a number of sets used for Titanic, continuity would have been a nightmare. These two shots in the film, which are supposed to show the same part of the ship, show how the design changed somehow.

8. In the weep-worthy finale of Titanic where Rose controversially takes up a whole door as a flotation device, icy condensation instantly appears under Jack’s nose in the next shot.

9. In one shot, city lights are visible during the night in the distance. This would have been ideal had a city been so close, but unfortunately, this was just an error in filmmaking.

9 YouTube / Film Fails

10. While Rose is looking at Jack’s artwork, the man walking past them on the deck changes jackets between the two shots.

11. Minor details on the ship change throughout the film. Earlier in the film, the pipe is visibly different than how it appears later in the film despite the destruction.

12. In the chaos of the film’s finale, there’s a lot of destruction and a significant amount of extras thrown into the mix, which resulted in a few continuity errors here and there.

13. As the ship starts to submerge under the water, the lifeboats remain hanging vertically despite the fact that the ship is slanted.

14. In the beginning of the film, Rose features a prominent beauty-mark when her character is introduced. However, throughout the film, the beauty mark switches sides.

15. The filmmakers of Titanic went above and beyond when it came to the detailing of the ship. However, some detailing ended up causing goofs later in the film. This comparison shows the ship after the lights go out and somehow fixed objects vanish from the deck.

16. In the iconic scene that adorned movie posters everywhere, the ship has some notable design changes in between shots, particularly the gap between the gates.


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