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Toddler Impersonates Mother with Morning Sickness

It’s incredible just how much toddlers can pick up from watching their parents, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. However, one toddler had his family in stitches after he started impersonating his pregnant mother’s morning sickness.

It’s only natural that toddlers imitate what they see and what D.J. Anderson’s one-year-old has been seeing a lot of is his mother running to the toilet in the morning. With a new sibling on the horizon, this toddler’s pregnant mother had been experiencing days of consistent morning sickness.


While still many years from fully understanding what’s happening to his mother, this toddler found a way to entertain his family by impersonating her. Father, D.J. Anderson, filmed his son as he gleefully mimicked his mom by running to the bathroom and making puking sounds over the toilet.

Knowing that he gets a reaction every time he does it, it’s clear that this impersonation has become somewhat of a party trick for this crowd pleasing toddler. As soon as his mom says, “Go do it,’ this one-year-old knows exactly what to do. D.J. Anderson uploaded the footage to YouTube where it’s already gone on to amass over 12,000 views and counting.

toddler toilet 2YouTube / D.J. Anderson

We can only imagine that this footage will become a home video gem for the Andersons and it will be particularly funny for the toddler once he matures enough to realize what he was doing.

Morning sickness is certainly not one of the better parts of pregnancy, but at least this amusing one-year-old brought some comic value to the experience.

As adorable as it is, imitation for toddlers is much more than just a show. One years old is a crucial year of growth for toddlers, they pick up a number of different skills just copying what they observe adults doing, which helps develop their abilities ranging from language to social skills.


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