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Piers Morgan Says Tom Brady May Be Rich And Successful, But He’s Graceless


This past Sunday was Super Bowl LII. It was a tale of two storylines. On one side you had Nick Foles, a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles who stepped in for the injured Carson Wentz. On the other side, you had Tom Brady, the GOAT, who was going for his sixth Super Bowl ring.

The game went back and forth, with both quarterbacks not letting up. Tom Brady threw for 505 yards and 3 touchdowns, an MVP performance. But Nick Foles was just a bit better and the Eagles won Super Bowl LII 41-33.

But that’s not the only story that came out of this game. British journalist Piers Morgan noticed an interaction that did not occur, and he’s furious about it. He wrote about it in an opinion piece for the Daily Mail.

After the final whistle, the Eagles ran on the field to celebrate, and everyone was watching for the Brady and Foles interaction. Many thought he would congratulate the young man on a terrific performance. Instead, according to Piers Morgan, Brady jogged off to the locker room and didn’t look back.

Tom BradyReuters

Piers says that he knows no one wants to celebrate or embrace failure. He also added that Brady has been labeled a cheater since the deflate-gate scandal. I agree with Piers, losing sucks, but sometimes you need to “suck it up.”

Tom Brady

Piers mentions that there is no better way to show fans that you’re humble and gracious by congratulating the man who just won his first Super Bowl.

Tom Brady JeffBukowski/

According to Piers, at one time, Tom Brady said he was a good winner and a terrible loser.

Tom Brady JosephSohm/

Piers said he had no problem with Brady being a bad loser, as long as he “mans up” to his failures and congratulates his opponent. He added that doing this doesn’t make you a good loser, it makes you a good sportsman.

To add to Piers’ comment on sportsmanship, when Tom Brady beat teams in the Super Bowl, did their quarterbacks run to the locker room? No!

Piers mentions that the Super Bowl is being watched by everyone in America, and all it takes is one second to shake the hand of your opponent and say congratulations. But now, as said by Piers, everyone watching is thinking “LOSER.”


There is no doubt that Tom Brady is a Hall of Famer, the richest football player and most successful. But with deflate-gate and now his childish actions at Super Bowl LII, he will also go down as a cheater to some, and will never be respected by many.



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