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Camera Catches Construction Worker Dancing Like No One’s Watching

It’s important to take time out of our busy lives to let loose and relax. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, we all deserve a little time to enjoy and express ourselves. The saying goes “dance like no one is watching” and that’s precisely what this construction worker did.

Tony Restivo, who goes by the nickname Tony Tiles, took a break from his construction work to dance to the sounds of Ariana Grande’s “Into You.” One of his co-workers decided to record the moment. After the video was uploaded to Facebook, it quickly gained popularity and you’re about to see why.


The video has since been shared over 19 million times and got so popular that it even caught the attention of Ariana Grande herself. She shared the clip to her personal Instagram account with the caption “hell yeah dude” on January 13th. The post gained another 4 million views on her account.

The video went viral after Tony’s wife, Sandy Zaza-Restivo, uploaded the amazing moment. It’s even more special that Ariana Grande saw the clip and shared it. Maybe we’ll see Tony in the background of one of her music videos! Check out the awesome moment on the next page.

In an interview with CityNews, the construction worker from Toronto explained that dancing was usually what he did to lighten the mood while his team spends hours at construction sites. He never expected the video to reach the popularity that it has.  

Tony said that he didn’t know he was being recorded for the first 20 seconds but eventually clued in that his buddy was filming. Now that thousands of people have seen the video, Tony has been receiving tons of offers to do dancing gigs. Tony also showed off his dancing and singing skills to CityNews and is probably winning the hearts of people everywhere.

Tony’s moves start of slow and subtle but once the beat drops he performs a series of kicks and other creative moves. “It didn’t really come from any particular place, I just do it all the time,” Tony explained. He also said that he’s not a professional dancer. The video also received some attention from actress Ellen DeGeneres and continues to lighten people’s days.


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