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75-Year-Old Texas Woman Flew Through Tornado In Bathtub, Landed In Woods Unharmed

Not many people who experience the true wrath of a tornado are able to live to tell the tale. However, a 75-year-old woman managed to miraculously survive a cyclonic fight while taking shelter in a bathtub, landing in the woods after without injury.  

KSLA reports that two or more tornadoes tore through East Texas on Saturday, January 21st, one which reached wind speeds of 130-miles-per-hour and sent an elderly woman on the ride of her life. After hearing tornado warnings, 75-year-old Charlesetta Williams and her son took refuge in a bathtub with only a blanket over her for protection.


The 800 yards wide tornado sheared off the whole backside of Williams’ house and ripped out the bathtub, ejecting it into the woods near her Marion County home. “It felt like somebody just had their hands on us and just placed us on the ground,” Charlesetta’s son, Ricky Williams, told KSLA.

“We were laying in the bathtub in the bathroom, and we heard a boom,” Charlesetta told a local news recounting the experience. “Then when we woke up, we were in the yard.” Remarkably, Williams and her son managed to come out of their tornado ride with nothing more than a few bruises and scratches.

Charlesetta Williams had lived in her Marion County home for her entire life and though trees frequently blow down in the area, the damage done by this tornado was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. WFAA reported that at least 15 homes were destroyed in the wake of the EF-2 tornado but, incredibly, no one was injured.  

While Williams survived an experience few are lucky to, she admits that it all happened so fast that it felt like she was transported to her yard within the blink of an eye. “I wasn’t looking. I was under that quilt,” Charlesetta told KSLA. “I’m a tell you I don’t wanna ride through another one.” After landing in the yard, Ricky Williams recalled that he landed about 20 feet away from his mother, saying, “I crawled over there and jumped on top of her.” With Charlesetta’s humor still intact, Ricky asked her immediately if she was still alive to which she responded, “Yeah, but I can’t breathe because you’re going to suffocate me.”


Despite her home falling victim to a deadly tornado’s path, she told KSLA that she’s not going anywhere and plans to build another home in the exact same spot. Both Charlesetta and her son are incredibly thankful to be alive and their faith is now stronger than ever.

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