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Tourist Is Surprised After Finding Out The Bracelet She Broke Is Actually Worth A Lot Of Money


Jade is considered to be a sign of good health and longevity in China. However, for one shopper, a jade bracelet was a little too much for her to handle. It has been reported that the woman collapsed in shock after finding out that the jade bracelet that she broke cost upwards of $45,000.

The shopper had to be laid down by family members so that she could recover from the shock.

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A woman was visiting a jade market in Ruili City, which is part of the Yunnan province in China when she accidentally dropped a jade bracelet and broke it in half.

There has been no word on whether the bracelet was encased in some sort of display case or if there was a price tag affiliated with the bracelet.

She was then informed by the staff at the jade market that the bracelet costs approximately $45,000 or around 34,000 pounds.

According to different reports, the bracelet slipped off of the woman’s hand and it cracked into two separate pieces after hitting the floor.


She allegedly fell on the floor and collapsed from shock after learning of the sky-high price. Family members were forced to lay her down as she slowly recovered from the fainting.


According to several witnesses, the woman’s family offered to pay $10,000 for the damaged goods but the store declined the offer saying it wouldn’t be enough for them to ‘break even.’

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The bracelet was then reviewed and valued by an independent expert who said it was worth around $27,000.

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It has been alleged that the family and the store owner have agreed on this expert’s evaluation.

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