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Transgender Man Who Gave Birth To Baby Boy Has A Few Words For All The Haters Out There

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Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow are two very happy parents and a new addition to their family has made them all the happier. On July 14th, the Oregon residents had their first biological child: a beautiful and healthy baby boy who they named Leo Murray Chaplow.

Trystan is a transgender man and gave birth to baby Leo himself. Their son was welcomed into the world not just by the two parents, but by their adoring fans and supporters who have long awaited Leo’s arrival. They followed Trystan’s pregnancy through the couple’s website Biff and I, which they use to spread awareness about gay and transgender issues.

Many of their supporters have hailed them as brave for having the courage to bare their journey for all to see. The couple believes it’s a necessary step to help normalize and bring acceptance to LGBT families just like their straight and cis-gendered counterpart.

Their story went viral even before the pregnancy. Trystan and Biff were featured on a podcast called ‘The Longest Shortest Time’ to talk about the adoption of their niece and nephew after a sister could no longer care for them.

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The couple received such an overwhelmingly positive response to their story that, when Trystan became pregnant, they decided to share updates on the pregnancy with everyone through their website. 

Of course, there was a significant amount of negative responses to their story because our society isn’t as ‘progressive’ as it likes to believe it is. However, the couple decided that they will take these comments with a grain of salt and not let strangers dictate how they should live their lives.

They respond to the hate that they receive with humor and openness and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have an army of supporters who also back them up.

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