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12 Things That Have Transformed Beyond Recognition Over The Years

We’ve become a pretty advanced society in 2017. With our flat screen TV’s, our touch screen cell phones and even our trendy sunglasses. We’re so embedded in all these cool new things, we don’t realize it wasn’t always like this.

It’s a fact that throughout the years, everything changes. Our world has gotten more and more enriched with advanced technology, updated features, and even cool add-ons. We can’t imagine how these things looked when they were first invented. It’s crazy to think about!

Well, we are here to show you exactly how things looked like before they became super advanced. Some of the stuff you won’t even recognize, while others you might not even understand how exactly it’s supposed to work. We don’t blame you.  

We present to you 12 things that you see on a regular basis that have changed significantly since they were first invented. It’s pretty crazy to see!

1. For a lot of you, it’s pretty hard to imagine a TV not being a flat screen. It’s all you know and you can’t imagine it looking any different.

Well, it looked a lot different when it was first invented. This doesn’t even look like a television, but more like a wooden box!

2. Today, sunglasses aren’t only worn to protect us from the sun. They’ve become a huge fashion accessory with different styles.

The first sunglasses were made from wood or bone, leaving a narrow slit for the eyes. Fun fact is that it was used to protect the eyes from “snow blindness.”  

3. If you want to take a nice photo, all you have to do is click a button or take out your cell phone. But it wasn’t always that easy.

The first digital camera that was created had to be powered by at least 16 batteries. In 1975, people had to use a device that weighed 8 lbs and was fitted with a cassette player.

4. You might not realize it, but toilet paper has come a long way. It only started to be produced commercially in 1857, being cut into small squares and packed in bundles.

5. This is the first washing machine! It was patented in 1851 and had to be operated by the hand-crank method. The power of 10 mules was also used to wash 10-15 shirts at a time.

6. Socks first appeared in Egypt in the 3rd century AD. The gap between the toes was because they would wear sandals with their socks.

7. A lot of us don’t know it, but we’re pretty lucky that using a drill requires one press of a button. Long before this, only manual drills existed and involved some physical effort.

8. Ladies, we don’t know how lucky we are for the tampons today. Originally, tampons were made of papyrus, wool, paper, or fern and were kept together with bandages. Ouch.

9. Today, life jackets are widely used as a rescue equipment. But in early 20th century, life jackets were really unpopular because people couldn’t move in them. Now we see why…

10. Forget about looking stylish in roller blades back in 1743. They not only look super complicated, but I’m pretty sure they were almost impossible to use back then. They’ve come a long way.

11. The first calculator that was invented looked super complicated, and it was! Its proper function depended on the accuracy of the person who was using it, not on the device itself.

12. Today, baby monitors come in both audio and video format. Believe it or not, they also existed back in the day but they looked a little less subtle.


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