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Transgender Working Girl Sues Wife Of Man Who Died While They Were In Bed


The Spanish daytime court show, Caso Cerrado (Case Closed), sees Cuban-American lawyer Ana Maria Polo arbitrating cases that are no stranger to ratings-worthy controversy and high levels of camp.

From moms getting it on with their adopted children to 15-year-old dads, Polo’s television courtroom has seen it all. However, one case has been getting attention way beyond its Telemundo audience for taking weird to the next level.

If the lawsuit of a woman suing a recent widow after doing the do with her husband isn’t bizarre enough, the reason why makes things even more bewildering.

A transgender escort, Jennifer, had not only the audience flabbergasted, but even Ana Maria Polo herself when she explained why she was suing a recent widow, Silvia.

Jennifer went on to explain that Silvia had hired her to get intimate with her husband Miguel and during the act, he had a heart attack and died.

Miguel and Silvia used to be Jennifer’s client when she worked at a spa and the trio built enough of a rapport that Silvia felt comfortable asking for an unusual request.

To fulfill her husband’s fantasy, Silvia told Jennifer that she wanted to gift him an intimate night with her for his 60th birthday. Jennifer initially said no, but after falling on hard times she accepted Silvia’s offer.

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