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19-Year-Old’s Travel Photos All Featured Her Ex, She Comes Up With Genius Solution


Companionship is a long desired attribute of most people. We all innately want someone that we can lean on, rely on and just have someone to be with. Companionship is so necessary to humans. 

Our ability to use language and communicate is to help us socialize and make friends. But sometimes relationships don’t work and people move on. Whether it is a change in attitude, or simply outgrowing one another, people will endure a breakup one way or another.

But this young lady went through her breakup in a unique manner.

Read on to find out more about Baylee Woodward.

Baylee is a 19-year-old girl who spent most of her last year traveling around the world. She dedicated that year to sightseeing and vacationing after scoring a job working on a yacht.

18809550_984081001729364_8571603680170606592_nBaylee Woodward

During that year, she traveled to twelve different countries most of them being islands in the Caribbean.

17438924_240285893104730_3252136038096699392_nBaylee Woodward

Just like most people, she photographed her adventures and happily displayed them on Instagram.

16464864_335444503523800_8344404720575578112_nBaylee Woodward

She traveled with her then-boyfriend, but things didn’t end so amicably. Her boyfriend, who doubled as her travel partner, and also the boss on the yacht she worked at, decided to fire her suddenly.

17076296_162066290976283_1536380621494943744_nBaylee Woodward

Baylee said: ‘the breakup was rough because he was my travel partner for a year, we were together literally 24/7, and then he just fired me out of nowhere.’

12930897_507563712776976_1525075523_nBaylee Woodward

What is probably more annoying is the fact that her ex-boyfriend is evident all over her pictures since they snapped many photographs together for social media.

13166883_629006570580979_2048860747_nBaylee Woodward

But with a few editing skills and a sly sense of humor, she was able to still upload the pictures. The only thing she couldn’t stop was the awkward wave of questions asking her what happened.

13126715_225859577793220_990064913_nBaylee Woodward

She superimposed Zac Efron’s head over her ex-boyfriend’s face in order to ‘make improvements’ and so that she could ‘look back at the pictures and laugh at this whole situation.’

7Baylee Woodward

She explained her decision by saying: ‘I wanted to post a throwback picture from one of the trips but the best ones are with him in it.’

6Baylee Woodward

She continued on by saying that: ‘I couldn’t crop him out and blurring him would be ugly, so I was like, ‘I’ll just put someone else’s face on it.’ And when you think ‘hot young guy’ you think Zac Efron.’

5Baylee Woodward

She emphasizes that the edit wasn’t due to ‘pettiness’ but rather ‘it was just so I could still post cute pictures and people not think we’re back together.’

1Baylee Woodward

She says that she appreciates all the love and support she’s been given so far. She just got another job on a yacht. She plans on traveling to Europe and Asia for a few months if she is able to ‘find a new travel partner.’

2Baylee Woodward


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