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Trump Staff Members Were All Wearing The Same Pin

Among the oddities of President Donald Trump’s campaign (which were many), was one that went relatively unnoticed by the watching public. During his presidential run, Trump and all of his aides and staffers wore an identical pin, triangular in shape and split down the middle into two colors.  

Vocativ took notice of the odd accessorizing and launched a investigation into the pin, which some said had sinister roots. With people across the internet likening it to a Nazi Germany pin, many others claimed it reminded them of the type of pyramid-themed imagery of alleged secret societies like the Illuminati.



Still others compared the triangle to a different Nazi image. David Graham, a professor at Concordia University said that because of the shape and colors (the triangle is split between purple and gold) it reminds him of the pink triangular badges that were sewn into the clothing of homosexual prisoners in Nazi concentration and work camps.

While Graham and others didn’t think it was inspired by those things, it did evoke imagery of that kind. Whether it actually had any basis in the long history of triangle-shaped badges was still up for debate. It turns out, that it’s something much less sinister.


After the original story was sent out by resident Facebook-guru George Takai, it went worldwide with people finding images of similar pins on past campaigns. That sparked a question to the Secret Service, who told Vocativ that the pins were indeed designed and issued by them not the individual campaigns.  

While the U.S.S.S didn’t comment on the purpose of the pins due to security reasons, a former political operative with 25 years in Republican circles revealed that it’s simply an identification badge that can be spotted quickly and allows access to certain areas.



Though the pin may not carry any affiliation with ancient societies or secret clubs, it is interesting that the designers would use this shape and color for one to be worn by a campaign that has been criticized at times for being anti-gay.


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