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Trump Supporter Leaves Huge Tip And Note For African American Waitress

The 2016 American Presidential election was undoubtedly one of the more polarizing ones. There was a lot of identity politics being thrown around which always isolates groups of people from one another, and divisive rhetoric used in general. Then, when Donald Trump won the election, it seemed that America had become the most divided it has been in decades.  

On the surface, things like race, gender, religion, political orientation, and culture were used against all of us. These things were made to seem like defining factors of who a person is, and that is so far from the case. These are surface aspects of people. None of these factors will tell you anything about the character of a person.


Rosalynd Harris got a pleasant reminder of this, and she wanted to share her story so hopefully people would remember that we are all people before we are anything else. Harris works at Busboys and Poets in Washington D.C, a local spot that the former POTUS Obama liked to go to.

Around Trump’s inauguration she got a table of Trump supporters who were in town from Texas to watch the inauguration. This local establishment is known for its liberal politics and it seemed like the last place this group of people would want to eat. Nevertheless, Harris gave the same good service to these patrons as she would to anyone.

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