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Playboy’s Crystal Hefner Just Exposed The World To The Truth Behind Breast Implants


With the advancements in social media, society has painted a picture of how people should dress and look. For some people, this is a path that does not affect them, they simply dress, act and look however they want without even giving it a second thought.

But for others, appearance is everything. Take the human body, for example, if society has painted a picture that larger breasts are what men like, you will find women going and getting breast implants. While that decision may seem like a good one at the time, it may not be down the road.

Take Crystal Hefner, who is a celebrity model and wife of the late Hugh Hefner. She had breast implants and recently she took to Facebook to open up about why she removed them. Continue reading to find out the reason.

Hefner explained in an interview that the reason she removed her breast implants was that they were poisoning her body. Years ago, she explained that she started experiencing intolerance to foods, she would get unexplained back pain, her cognitive function began to deplete, and her hair growth stopped. She also experienced reoccurring infections and issues with her thyroid.

At first, Hefner said that she would just shrug off the symptoms to the point where she would even make jokes about her memory loss. But as time went on, she began canceling appointments and shoots because she had no energy or motivation to do any of it.

It wasn’t until Hefner became allergic to almost every food that she began to do some research and was tested for every disease. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold, and when she took to social media for support, she was receiving comments that her symptoms resembled “Breast Implant Illness.”


Breast Implant Illness is when the breast implants break down and begin to destroy your body slowly. The reason it is so successful in causing havoc on your body is that it contains over 40 different chemicals which include silicone, mercury, and formaldehyde. The reason why you become allergic to foods and lose a lot of your bodily functions is that your immune system is so focused on fighting the chemicals from the implants that you are left more vulnerable to other illnesses.


The average time frame for the implants to begin falling is 8-10 years, but this is not the case for every woman. Some will experience these symptoms shortly after the procedure. Hefner removed her implants in 2016, and she noticed her shoulder and neck pain was completely gone after some time had passed.

Are Breast Implants Safe? Some people might make the case that Hefner’s experience doesn’t happen often, but that is unfortunately not true. Take in this statistic; according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 99,000 women received breast implants in 2015. Out of all those women, 100% of them eventually had their implants removed to reduce the complications they were experiencing. This is why the FDA has indicated that breast implants are not meant to be permanent.


Complications: These are the complications that women experience when they get breast implants; they will definitely experience breast swelling, pain and bruising. They will experience lumps that will begin to form around the implant. Their lymph nodes will begin to swell to the point there you will experience headaches, a sore back and even shoulder pain.


Some women choose to remove their implants and eventually get new ones once 8-10 years have passed. Some women feel healthier without them and recommend never getting them. Every woman is beautiful inside and out and the human body is meant to be diverse. The bottom line though is that there are serious dangers to breast implants so if a woman chooses to get them, they better be ready for complications.


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