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Turpin Family: What We Know About The California Couple Who Allegedly Held 13 Children Captive

On social media, they appeared to be a perfect family. Posting a series of family vacations since 2011, the family made frequent visits to Disneyland and took family photos in matching clothing, sporting the biggest of smiles. In 2016, they even made a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their parents renewing their vows in a ceremony, wearing matching suits and dresses for the boys and girls. “This is a highly respectable family”, the grandmother said.

According to court records, the couple had once filed for bankruptcy. The father had been making $140,000 a year as an engineer for Northrop Grumman, while the mother had been working as a homemaker. The debt didn’t seem to phase the Turpins, an attorney stated, however, it was quite apparent “there was no way they could make their payments.” The father is also listed as the principal of Sandcastle Day School, which he operated out of his California home. Unfortunately, the state education department doesn’t have the authority to inspect or monitor private schools, and what was happening at the home was unknown to them.

Luckily, the discovery has put an end to the sickening captivity that these children faced all this time. Investigations are still being made on the nature of this event, and what had gone on behind closed doors.

The captain of the Riverside County, Greg Fellows, told reporters: “I wish I could come to you with information that would explain why this happened.” As details are still emerging, the Turpin children have now been freed from their dire situation, and can now look ahead to living the normal life that they deserve.

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