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Japanese TV Show Follows Around A Dog For One Day To See Where It Goes

Pet owners that do not have the luxury of working from home, or taking their fur babies to work with them, deal with a mystery. What do their pets do all day while they are home alone? In fact, this concept spawned the idea for the movie Secret Life of Pets. What are these furry hooligans doing while their humans are away?

One Japanese woman asked this question, and enlisted in a Japanese TV show to find out. She wrote in asking them to investigate where her dog Sacchan was going during the day. She explained that Sacchan started out as a stray, but was given to her family when their electrician found him. It seems you can take the stray out of the street, but not the street out of the stray.


Screenshot 2017-01-19 at 12.14.52 PMAna Kneta

There was one reason in particular that triggered this lady’s curiosity about Sacchan’s whereabouts, which was fueled by the fact that he was gaining weight! She wanted to know where Sacchan was going to add to his curves. Her exact words were: “I wonder where he goes everyday to get that fat.” 

She mentions that neighbors have seen Sacchan down at the station and in the supermarket, and that neighbors who recognize him, give him rides home in their car. But no one can give her answers as to where little chubby Sacchan is off to, and what it is he’s exactly doing.

The TV show hosts take it upon themselves to investigate. One of them went to follow Sacchan for a day and said that Sacchan didn’t even notice him, or pay him any mind. This meant that Sacchan would behave as he normally would.  

It turns out that Saachan has a couple of spots that he hits up on his daily excursions, one of them being a neighbor who gives him baths.

Sacchan is something of a local celebrity in his neighborhood, and he knows where to go to get what he wants, including a visit with a pretty little white dog. Sacchan has the neighborhood and the people in it wrapped around his paw. Watch the video to see the life of Sacchan.  What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to SHARE this post with your Facebook friends. If you’re interested in reading similar stories then please click on the “NEXT POST” button below.


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