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8 Tweets About Dating That Every Single Person Can Understand


Everyone rocks the single life differently. Whether it be wallowing in loneliness, or accepting the fact that you might be single for the next little while. For those of you who aren’t in a relationship or who were single for a very long time, there are a couple things that you can probably relate too.

Single people have a lot of time to wait and wonder and finding that special someone can sometimes feel like it takes a life time.

Dating apps can be super hit and miss and not everyone is looking for the same thing, which can make settling down tricky. But at least single people can band together and relate to the struggle.

Here are 8 funny tweets about dating that every single person will be able to relate too.

1. Have you ever been stuck in this situation? Sometimes it’s called ‘dealing’ and it’s when two people are almost dating but it’s not quite official yet.

2. Or that moment when you get your hopes up, and then things don’t end up going as smoothly as planned.

3. Also not a great place to be: those people who want all the benefits of a relationship but are too afraid of commitment.

4. And then there’s trying to control your nerves when you’re dating. As much as you stress beforehand, there are definitely some people who have a difficult time meeting new people.

5. Having to deal with guys that pull old one liners like this one. Super exhausting and this girl totally isn’t having any of it. I wonder what this guy said in response or if he tucked his tail between his legs and left her alone. 

6. When you’re the only single one in your group of friends and you can’t relate to all their gushy gossip about their significant other.

7. When you finally land a date and it ends up not going well, but you have to be polite and ride it out anyways. 

8. And when you’ve all but given up hope, you can always turn to this book for an alternative dating partner. This is most likely about telling the time period a building came from and not actually a guide to dating buildings. (Which believe it or not, some people actually do.)


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