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16 Tweets From People Who Are Happily Married


Marriage is the union between two people. It’s sacred and it should be everlasting. But without a doubt, when you are with another person for an extended period of time (say a lifetime…) then there are bound to be interactions that are just downright hilarious and confusing.

And these interactions are regularly displayed in the mainstream media whether as the form of comedy in Homer and Marge Simpson or with Monica and Chandler.

But here are 16 tweets that will really showcase how married life is like.

To be fair, it’s hard for anyone to understand how to buy and sell Bitcoins. What with all the blockchain drama and complicated exchange rates, it really makes you question why you didn’t just go to the store instead.

Maybe it’s not her fault, maybe it’s more that he doesn’t like chicken pot pies. But come on, those little meat filled pastries are delicious!

I mean, it’s hard to know what anyone is thinking to begin with. It makes it even harder when you’re just staring at the side of his head…

Hey, at least you can be angry at each other while staring out at paradise. But in all seriousness, how long can you really stay mad for when you’re in such a scenic environment?

Sometimes you just can’t admit that you’re wrong. I mean a flower vase works too. In fact, you would be able to store even more liquid in a vase!

That used to be the schoolyard trick to talking to the opposite gender. For guys, it was the cruel but good intentioned ponytail-tug whereas for girls it was the pick-up-the-brownie-off-the-floor tactic.

Maybe he was just breathing in an annoying way. I mean if you’re breathing on my face or really heavily while I was sleeping I would be annoyed too.


Depending on the flavor and brand of gum I am sure you can almost always victoriously chew gum.

Sometimes it is the tough challenges in life and in a marriage that showcase the true strength of a union (or you as a person.) Without those hurdles, the relationship cannot grow stronger and better.


Well, in her defense, the orange jumpsuits really aren’t all that fashionable. But seeing as that is the present situation that he is in, I figure she can let this one slide.

Sometimes you just need some confirmation that you’re amazing. Some positive affirmation never hurt anyone!

Women are tough to understand at times. They say one thing and then mean something else. How am I supposed to ever know what they truly mean?

Sometimes an agenda or a planner could be helpful but there are some people who just can’t seem to be organized. What? I’m not like that…

Even with a king size bed, it is safe to say that she is going to take up most of the mattress and the blankets and the pillows and the comforters.

If it’s broken it is usually because the husband has been tampering with it. Whether it is to understand the inner mechanics of the electronic or because they spilled something on it, you can always call him to find out why.

Sometimes we’re just too lazy to separate the colors, others it is because we simply love pink!


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