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20 Tweets That Are Sure To Brighten Up Your Day In Some Way Or Another

If you’ve ever searched the Twitterverse, you’ll know that it can be a rather fickle place depending on which section you’ve decided to make your home. The people on Twitter are ruthless despite their tiny word count, and the amount of Twitter fights that happen in a day are out of this world.

Nevertheless, where there’s darkness there must be light, right? Well, we certainly think so. Twitter is essentially a curation of what you want to see, so you can definitely go out and find those amazing uplifting Twitter accounts.

Or we can give you some uplifting tweets and that way you don’t have to search for them on your own.

So, here you go, Internet. Here are 20 uplifting tweets that are sure to brighten up your day.

1. Let’s begin with this older sibling who is exceptionally supportive of their little sister drawing and painting on their walls.

Twitter1 Twitter

2. Here is this sweet little furbaby who is very forward about wanting affection. She’ll let you know when she wants to be pet, don’t you worry.

3. A show of true, genuine friendship. Real friends make sure their BFF looks good in selfies, don’t you know?

4. Very bittersweet, but there is genuinely nothing as pure and amazing as a grandmother’s love. While this photo may be sad, it’s good to remember the amount of love felt in the world.

5. This little ball of floof is too adorable not to cheer you up, even if she is sad. Just look at this little doggo and let the love for her fill your heart

6. Honestly, who doesn’t love alpacas? And what’s better than an Alpaca peeking around the corner? Not much can top that if you ask us.

7. Kids can be so darn cute sometimes can’t they? This showcase of innocence is sure to put a smile on your face.

8. This giant bumblebee just wants a place to rest. Let her in and give her a little tender love and care. But seriously, that’s a huge bumble bee.

9. Grandmothers are known for being lovely and kind to their grandchildren but sometimes Grandfathers go unnoticed. So, here’s to all the great Grandpas!

10. If anyone ever tells you that cats aren’t as cool as dogs, just show them this tweet. Who doesn’t want a selfie-taking kitty?!

11. This cow looks so relaxed that I just want to lay down in the grass with it and take a nap. How amazing would that be? Plus, bunny ears are rad.

12. We don’t think we need to convince you about this next tweet. Just look at this little kitty and try not to smile! It’s impossible,

13. If you’ve ever owned a dog, you know that pit you get in your stomach whenever they get anxious. Well, this man will do anything to reassure his pup and that’s a reason for smiling.

14. This Dad is really excited about the new recycling bins and it is super adorable. Look at him! He’s so happy!

15. Service dogs are needed everywhere, even in chemistry labs. This one is super cute with his little goggles to protect him.

16. In marriage, you support your spouse through thick and thin and this husband gets it. He’s setting a great example for his kids!

17. Similarly, dating is supposed to be fun, too. Your significant other should always support you, just like this great boyfriend!

18. When it comes to gifts, it’s always the thought that counts. This dog knows that better than some humans do!

19. We know there’s a complaint that kids are too attached to technology but look at this tweet and tell us this isn’t downright adorable. We dare you.

20. There’s honestly no sadder sight than a dog in a cone. They just look so unhappy and we can’t blame them. This dog mom went one step further to cheer up her pup and it’s adorable!


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