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16 Tweets That Will Leave You Swooning

The world is a scary place nowadays, just turn on the news and it’s guaranteed that you’ll find a story that will upset you in some way. Social media especially is filled with negativity and criticism—if you need proof just go to a celebrity account and take a look at some of the comments that people leave behind.

It’s quite grim, though sometimes people will post stories or photos that will brighten up this dark space and make you glad that it exists. Some stories will inspire you, make you feel a sense of community in this too often crazy world, or maybe they’ll just make you laugh at the absurdity of it all.

We’ve collected some tweets that are sure to bring a smile to your face. They are little snap shots of people’s lives and we are certain that they will warm that cold and cynical heart of yours. Take a look below and rejoice in the fact that humanity isn’t all sad, there’s still some hope for us!

1. This sweet little duo in matching outfits is just precious! They definitely take the award for the most stylish and coolest father-daughter team in history. Aren’t these pictures adorable?

2. This dog who thinks the solo cup is the best toy in the world. Animals are the best: they are simple and don’t need much to keep them happy. Don’t you wish humans were as low maintenance? 

3. This couple is the true definition of goals. No need for expensive gifts and big romantic gestures when you can gift something this meaningful and sentimental. Just look at her reaction!

4. If this couple isn’t meant to be then we don’t know who is. This photo is not only hilarious but it’ll definitely be the perfect picture for a wedding slideshow if they stay together. We’re crossing our fingers!

5. This is a dad joke if we’ve ever seen one. He gets double the points for managing to manifest a dad joke in real life. This girl must’ve had a mini-panic attack before realizing it was her own dad.

6. The sweetest and most talented mom ever. Imagine how much time and patience it took to create this masterpiece? I guess it’s true when they say a mother’s love knows no bounds. Also, prom dresses are super expensive so this girl must’ve saved a lot of money.

7. It’s the coolest when celebrities are down-to-earth and will do something like this. I mean obviously, they are super busy and have a lot going on so it’s very appreciated when they take the time to reach out.

8. This is the cutest ever. We’ve never seen a baby flamingo and never thought to Google them either—huge mistake. Now our search history is overflowing with baby flamingos, thank you Twitter.

9. This dreamer who never gave up and is now super talented. This is a lesson to us all on the power of persistence because seriously, what even is that first picture?

10. The saddest goodbye ever. First of all this is the cutest couple in the whole world, second of all, they are matching! If they never see each other again, then we will officially give up on love.

11. The grandma who is proof that love transcends death. She left behind a collection of poetry and one of those poems was about her granddaughter. 

12. This is just adorable. Ari loves Jay, and Jay loves Ari. According to the Twitter thread, it looks like @KINGsham has confirmed that they are now a couple, which just goes to show that the world is an okay place after all.

13. Let’s be honest, maternity photo shoots can be a little weird and we think that’s because humans can be a little puzzling. Our evidence: the fact that this maternity photo shoot isn’t weird at all, it’s just perfect.

14. I bet we all wish our partner’s parents were this accepting and inclusive. Not only is this a nice gesture but the mother’s attitude towards her son’s girlfriend probably makes their relationship much easier.

15. This is just about the cutest news you’ll hear all day, guaranteed. Some zoos offer “support dogs” to their Cheetahs because apparently, they are nervous animals. So many emotions.   

16. The girl who was worried about her kitten’s health and made him a sweater. But also, the sweater-wearing kitten whose ego was inflated. It’s true, he is absolutely a stud.


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