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This 20-Year-Old Pimple Getting Popped May Be The Grossest Thing You’ll See All Week

If you love to feast your eyes on a good ol’ pimple pop, there is absolutely no shortage of videos on the Internet to satisfy those pus-filled fantasies. From bulging cysts to rupturing blackheads, pop-aholics are more than covered, and the latest video to sweep the web is an extraction of one raging 20-year-old pimple.

YouTuber Andy Peppers uploaded a series of videos of some gnarly zit burst videos, which were quick to garner attention from pimple popping fetishists worldwide. Peppers informed viewers, “I had a somewhat large lump on the back of my neck for more than a decade. It wasn’t really noticeable and it didn’t hurt.”

However, Peppers became aware that this lump was due for an extraction when it started becoming red and started to become adorned by multiple whiteheads. Andy was working in rural Laos when the pimple started to become painful, which left him with minimal access to medical care.

Instead, Andy and his wife purchased some gauze, isopropyl alcohol, and a purpose-built zit remover from a convenience store to take matters into their own hands. “My wife started ‘popping’ what we were joking must have been the biggest zit in the world,” Andy wrote on YouTube. “Pus started coming out of several pores with each squeeze.”

Due to the pain, Andy decided to squeeze the zit himself, which allowed his wife’s free hands to videotape the pop in all of its glory. Andy recalled, “She decided to film what she was seeing so she could show me what she was incredulously describing as ‘unbelievable.’”

Clearly, Andy’s wife wasn’t alone in sharing that opinion. After he uploaded the footage to YouTube, the video managed to go viral, receiving over 16 million views and counting.

As for the long awaited squeeze itself, pop-aholics can rejoice because Andy’s well aged zit managed to look like a volcano of scrambled eggs and ketchup seeping from multiple exit points.


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