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When These ‘Mono-Mono’ Twins Were Born, Everyone In The Entire Delivery Room Gasped

When it comes to the birth and delivery of newborn babies, there are few moments in life that are more precious. A moment like this is something two parents cherish and hold onto for the rest of their lives, as the miracle of life occurs before their eyes. For the Thistlethwaite family, they experienced a remarkable moment in the delivery room, as their two twins who were born holdings hands leave the delivery room in awe.

After a lengthy pregnancy, the anticipation of meeting your newborn can be inevitably emotional and exhilarating. Upon a gasp from her doctor following the Cesarean section operation, Sarah, the mother of the newborns, witnessed a moment that is truly unusual. Held up by the obstetrician, the two twin girls could not be separated. They were holding hands, tightly and securely, appearing seemingly inseparable from the start.

“Everything was just so wonderful. The girls, they came out and then they were holding hands, which was crazy” the mother told Fox 8 News. Joining Sarah in a bundle of emotions was the entire delivery room, who simply could not believe what they had witnessed. “My heart just melted. Even my husband got tears in his eyes. I don’t know that anybody in the room had a dry eye” she stated to People Magazine.

During the pregnancy, the parents of the newborn twins had learned that their identical twins were monoamniotic, meaning they shared a placenta and amniotic sac, which is the rarest form of twinning. It also carries the highest risk, with the potential of their umbilical cords being tangled, and only a 50 percent survival rate. Concerned about the health and birth of their babies, Sarah went into a Cesarean section eight months into her pregnancy. Not only did the babies come out safely, but in a fashion that will be remembered by all who had to pleasure and privilege to be in the delivery room.

twins born holding handsFacebook/Sarah Thistlethwaite

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