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Twins’ Response To Mom Telling Them “Go To Bed” Will Catch You Off Guard

Any parent who has twins will tell you that while it can be double the fun and cuteness, it’s usually also double the work, and often, double the frustration. There are certain tasks that you are responsible for as a parent that become twice as difficult when you have twins like feeding them, changing diapers, and putting them to bed.

This mom of two has found a way to make bedtime a little easier for the whole family. She has appealed to her sons’ adventurous side, and so naptime has become more of a journey than it is a chore. Instead of throwing a tantrum over going to bed, the word “bedtime” has her sons running to bed like a couple of tiny pro athletes.

If you have ever tried to put a toddler down you know how tiresome the process can be, so you will definitely appreciate this mother’s method. According to Parents Magazine, there are several reasons why toddlers are so resistant to naptime. Firstly, it has to do with the toddler’s new sense of independence.

They want to act on their own terms and not be told what to do. They are now able to pick out their own outfits, dress, and brush their teeth so they don’t want to be told when they should sleep. Another major reason why toddlers take issue with naptime is that they want to keep playing! They are full of energy and are difficult to persuade.

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