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16 Smart, Savage But Actually Funny Twitter Comebacks

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The French phrase “L’esprit de l’escalier” is the feeling you get when you think of a perfect comeback when it’s too late. Before the Internet, all you could do about it was re-enact the scene in your head, mourning the lost opportunity. But online, you have hours to craft a beautiful comeback.

Twitter, because of its 140-character limit and its instant sharing, is the perfect medium for the comeback. You can roast anyone, no matter where they live or how famous they are. It democratizes the roast, making it possible to roast anyone anywhere at any time.

Sometimes, of course, these comebacks go too far. But when they go just far enough? They’re comedy gold, and the perfect way to brighten up a boring day. If you’re ready for Twitter comebacks ranging from sick burn to self-burn, read on!

1. Donald “The Twitter President” Trump has gotten his fair share of roasts online over the years, but this one is especially funny. Clearly, this Twitter user’s art form is beautifully-crafted roasts of sitting presidents.

2. I can’t even write a funny caption for this because the mere concept of eating a banana with the peel on has me sitting here shivering in terror.

3. We all have different ways of expressing sympathy for friends in their times of hardship. Apparently, Ryan’s friends are just creative about the way that they do it.


4. I’ve heard of a lot of weird gender stereotypes in my life, but I think this one is the weirdest.

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